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Computer and Internet Security Lessons

For those of you that have tried to hire help to clean the malware out of your PC, however, you likely found out what the commercial never mentioned, that within a month you're right back where you started, with an infested and almost unusable computer.

With over 140,000 known computer viruses and 85,000,000 spam emails sent out each day, the likelihood of your PC coming into contact with malware such as viruses, worms, and spyware is almost guaranteed. And once your computer becomes infected with malware, simple tasks such as browsing the web can be very frustrating as your computer's speed is drastically decreased -- that is if you can still connect to the internet at all. WE can show you basic PC security steps, from installing essential safeguards to tailoring your own Internet behavior, which will help you dramatically reduce the odds of your computer being infected by spyware. We can help you dramatically decrease the chance you'll have to call up your local PC repair shop for a cleaning so often.

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