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Pricing: With great prices there's never a need to hide them in some hard to find link. Standard ComputeAble introductory session rates are: $25.00 for the first hour and $20.00 an hour for each hour after that.

Intermediate sessions are $30.00 for the first hour and $25.00 an hour after that.

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Introduction to Computers
How computers work, mouse use, keyboard and Windows®
Introduction to networks, wireless networks and the internet
What can you do with a computer? Entertainment, Income, Hobbies, etc.
New Computer and Network Setup
Set up a new computer and install new programs
Surge Protection and wiring (don't lose your computer from a storm)
Wireless Home, Office Networking, encryption and WiFi
Productivity Software
Word Processor, Spreadsheets, Presentation, Data Management and moreLearning Together
Microsoft Office® Suite 2000-2007
Free OpenOffice® Solutions – programs very similar and comparable to MS Office®
Internet and the Web
Information and reference access
Viruses and unauthorized access prevention and protection
E-mail setup, address book, forwarding, attaching files or photos
Browsers, Internet Explorer, navigation, searching
Website design, development and maintenance
Business site setup and domain name registration
Website search registration
Virus and SPAM prevention, removal & repair
Audio and Video
Audio CD burning, create your own music and video CD’s, DVD’s and camcorder transfers to DVD
Digital music, how to use Ipod®, MP3 player setup - and we'll show you how to load it so you can do it
Computer Organization
Organization, budget, personal information planning and management
School work, studying and class organization
Address and Contact book usage, scheduling and management
Desktop Publishing and Graphics
Desktop publishing, designing cards, banners, invitations, certifications, awards, logos & for the web
Graphics, animation and art work
Hardware Installation and Troubleshooting
Computer setup, installation, configuration and specifications
Printers, scanners or internal fax programs
Memory and space management
Networks, routers, print spoolers and peripherals
Add new peripherals, cards or memory
Home Entertainment
Television interface, cable, online TV guide listings
Audio, video and DVD recording
Telephone and Answering machine
Video gamingComputer Tutoring
Surround sound systems
On-line movies (they're less expensive to rent)
Information Access and Gathering
Electronic News, weather, sports and information
Statistics, public records and research
Maps, directions, phone listings and recipes
Performance, Backup and Recovery
Data backup and recovery
Uptime, bandwidth, data storage and archiving older files
Capacity management
Computer clean up and maintenance
Diagnostics and troubleshooting
Preventative maintenance
Needs assessments
Conflict resolution
Hardware troubleshooting
Printing troubleshooting
Internet and network hardware, software troubleshooting
Hard drive reformats and operating system reinstallations
Digital Photography
Digital cameras, scanners and photography
Photo, picture and album management programs
Sharing, uploading, downloading, printing and storing photos
Resize, cropping and attaching pictures
Remove red-eye
Productivity Computing
Computer job skills
Send, receive email
Create a household budget
Mass letter generation and mailing for business
Maintain a calendar
Create and print business cards and invoices
Manage large volumes of information
Draw pictures and logos
Make websites
Fax from your computerComputing Couple
Financial systems
● MS Project® and Project management (18 years of experience) Have accumulated a massive library of templates and forms
Disaster Recovery (7 years of recovery planning experience)
Continuance Planning (7 years of contingency planning experience) Have accumulated a massive library of templates and forms
Data use, access and management, Certified Oracle® DBA and Architect
Computer and Internet Security
Software for security
Networks, routers, firewalls, encryption
Antivirus, popup blocking and more
Managing Users, permissions and access - Secure your stuff from intrusion or your kids
Home Video Surveillance interface to computer

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