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Pricing: With great prices there's never a need to hide them in some hard to find link. Standard ComputeAble introductory session rates are: $25.00 for the first hour and $20.00 an hour for each hour after that.

Intermediate sessions are $30.00 for the first hour and $25.00 an hour after that.

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Below is a list of over 160 computer lessons offered by ComputeAble.

Introduction to Computers
INTROCR001 Introduction to Computers
INTERCR001 Intermediate Computers
INTROCR002 Introduction to Windos XP®
INTERCR002 Intermediate Windows XP®
INTROCR003 Introduction to Windows Vista®
INTERCR003 Intermediate Windows Vista®
INTROCR004 Introduction to the Internet
INTERCR004 Intermediate Internet
INTROCR005 Introduction to Computer Entertainment
INTERCR005 Intermediate Computer Entertainment
INTROCR006 Introduction to Computer Income
INTERCR006 Intermediate Computer Income
INTROCR007 Introduction to Computer Hobbies
INTERCR007 Intermediate Computer Hobbies
New Computer and Network Setup
INTRONC001 Introduction to New Computer Setup
INTERNC001 Intermediate New Computer Setup
INTRONC002 Introduction to wireless home office networks
INTERNC002 Intermediate wireless home office networks
Productivity Software
INTROPS001 Introduction to MS Office® 2000/2003
INTERPS001 Intermediate MS Office® 2000/2003
INTROPS002 Introduction to MS Office® 2007
INTERPS002 Intermediate MS Office® 2007
INTROPS003 Introduction to MS Word® 2007
INTERPS003 Intermediate MS Word® 2007
INTROPS004 Introduction to MS Word® 2000/2003
INTERPS004 Intermediate MS Word® 2000/2003
INTROPS005 Introduction to MS Word® 2007
INTERPS005 Intermediate MS Word® 2007
INTROPS006 Introduction to MS Access® 2000/2003
INTERPS006 Intermediate MS Access® 2000/2003
INTROPS007 Introduction to MS Access® 2007
INTERPS007 Intermediate Access® 2007
INTROPS008 Introduction to MS Excel® 2000/2003
INTERPS008 Intermediate MS Excel® 2000/2003
INTROPS009 Introduction to MS Excel® 2007
INTERPS009 Intermediate MS Excel® 2007
INTROPS010 Introduction to MS Publisher® 2007
INTERPS010 Intermediate MS Publisher® 2007
INTROPS011 Introduction to MS PowerPoint® 2000/2003
INTERPS011 Intermediate MS PowerPoint® 2000/2003
INTROPS012 Introduction to MS PowerPoint® 2007
INTERPS012 Intermediate MS PowerPoint® 2007
INTROPS013 Introduction to MS Outlook® 2000/2003
INTERPS013 Intermediate MS Outlook® 2000/2003
INTROPS014 Introduction to MS Outlook® 2007
INTERPS014 Intermediate MS Outlook® 2007
INTROPS015 Introduction to Open Office Suite
INTERPS015 Intermediate Open Office Suite®
INTROPS016 Introduction to Visio® 2000/2003
INTROPS017 Introduction to MS Outlook® 2000/2003
INTERPS017 Intermediate MS Outlook® 2000/2003
Internet and the Web
INTROIW001 Introduction to productive Internet information gathering
INTERIW001 Intermediate productive Internet information gathering
INTROIW002 Introduction to virus management and unauthorized Access
INTERIW002 Intermediate virus management and unauthorized Access
INTROIW003 Introduction to E-mail 101
INTERIW003 Intermediate E-mail 102
INTROIW004 Introduction to Website design, development and maintenance
INTERIW004 Intermediate Website design, development and maintenance
INTROIW005 Introduction to Business site setup and domain name registration
INTROIW006 Introduction to MS Expression Design®
INTROIW007 Introduction to MS Expression Web®
INTROIW008 Introduction to MS Expression Media®
INTROIW009 Introduction to MS Expression Blend®
INTROIW010 Introduction to Torrent's
INTROIW011 Introduction to Windows Mail®
INTERIW011 Intermediate Windows Mail®
INTROIW012 Introduction to Outlook Express®
INTERIW012 Intermediate Outlook Express®
INTROIW013 Introduction to FTP Software
INTROIW014 Introduction to Hackz, Crackz and Appz
INTROIW015 Introduction to Freeware and Open Source Software
INTROIW016 Introduction to The wonders of the internet (Tour)
INTROIW017 Introduction to Internet TV, Radio and Movies
INTROIW018 Introduction to Internet Telephone (Free long distance)
Audio and Video
INTROAV001 Introduction to Computer Audio & Video
INTERAV001 Intermediate Computer Audio & Video
INTROAV002 Introduction to Digital Music
INTROAV003 Introduction to Digital Movies
INTERAV003 Intermediate Digital Movies
INTROAV004 Introduction to iPod/iTunes® and MP3/4
Computer Organization
INTROCO001 Introduction to Home Organization
INTERCO001 Intermediate Home Organization
INTROCO002 Introduction to Budget Organization and Management
INTERCO002 Intermediate Budget Organization and Management
INTROCO003 Introduction to Contact Organization and Management
INTROCO004 Introduction to Lables, envelops and mass mailing
Desktop Publishing and Graphics
INTRODP001 Introduction to Desktop Publishing
INTERDP001 Intermediate Desktop Publishing
INTRODP002 Introduction to Graphics and Design
INTERDP002 Intermediate Graphics and Design
INTRODP003 Introduction to Internet Multimedia
INTERDP003 Intermediate Internet Multimedia
Hardware Installation and Troubleshooting
INTROHI001 Introduction to Computer Hardware
INTERHI001 Intermediate Computer Hardware
INTROHI002 Introduction to Printers and Scanners
INTERHI002 Intermediate Printers and Scanners
INTROHI003 Introduction to Computer Management
INTERHI003 Intermediate Computer Management
INTROHI004 Introduction to Wireless Networking
INTERHI004 Intermediate Wireless Networking
Home Entertainment
INTROHE001 Introduction to Computer, suround sound and Digital TV interface
INTROHE002 Introduction to DVD Recording
INTROHE003 Introduction to Telephone and Answering machine
INTROHE004 Introduction to On- line Video gaming
INTROHE005 Introduction to On- line movies (their less expensive to rent)
Information Access and Gathering
INTROIA001 Introduction to Electronic News, weather, sports and information
INTROIA002 Introduction to Statistics, public records and research
INTROIA003 Introduction to Maps, directions, phone listings and recipes
Performance, Backup and Recovery
INTROIA004 Introduction to Data backup and recovery
INTROIA005 Introduction to Capacity management
INTROIA006 Introduction to Computer clean up and maintenance
INTROIA007 Introduction to Diagnostics and troubleshooting
INTROIA008 Introduction to Preventative maintenance
INTROIA009 Introduction to Hardware troubleshooting
INTROIA010 Introduction to Zipping and Archiving
INTROIA011 Introduction to Internet and network hardware, software troubleshooting
INTROIA012 Introduction to Hard drive reformats and operating system reinstallations
Digital Photography
INTRODP001 Introduction to Digital cameras, scanners and photography
INTRODP002 Introduction to Photo, picture and album management
INTRODP003 Introduction to Sharing, uploading, downloading, printing and storing photos
Productivity Computing
INTROPC001 Introduction to Mass letter generation and mailing for business
INTROPC002 Introduction to Business Publishing
INTERPC002 Intermediate Business Publishing
INTROPC003 Introduction to Internet Marketing
INTERPC003 Intermediate Internet Marketing
INTROPC004 Introduction to Information Management and Access
INTERPC004 Intermediate Information Management and Access
INTROPC005 Introduction to Business Graphic Design
INTERPC005 Intermediate Business Graphic Design
INTROPC006 Introduction to Personal Websites
INTROPC007 Introduction to Business Websites
INTERPC007 Intermediate Business Websites
INTROPC008 Introduction to Sending and Receiving Faxes
INTROPC009 Introduction to Website Development
INTERPC009 Intermediate Website Development
INTROPC010 Introduction to Quickbooks®
INTROPC011 Introduction to Information Technology Project Managment
INTERPC011 Intermediate Information Technology Project Managment
INTROPC012 Introduction to MS Project®
INTERPC012 Intermediate MS Project®
INTROPC013 Introduction to Disaster Recovery Planning
INTERPC013 Intermediate Disaster Recovery Planning
INTROPC014 Introduction to Business Continuance Planning
INTERPC014 Intermediate Business Continuance Planning
INTROPC015 Introduction to Risk Identification and Managmeent
INTERPC015 Intermediate Risk Identification and Managmeent
INTROPC016 Introduction to Data Architecture
INTERPC016 Intermediate Data Architecture
INTROPC017 Introduction to Data Management and Use
INTERPC017 Intermediate Data Management and Use
INTROPC018 Introduction to Home and Landscape Design Software
Computer and Internet Security
INTROCS001 Introduction to Security Software
INTROCS002 Introduction to Security 101
INTROCS003 Introduction to Security 102
INTROCS004 Introduction to Antivirus, popup blocking and security
INTROCS005 Introduction to User Access and Security
INTROCS006 Introduction to Computer Interfaced Home Video Surveillance
INTERCS006 Intermediate Computer Interfaced Home Video Surveillance
INTROCS007 Introduction to Norton® anti-virus
INTROCS008 Introduction to McAfee® Antivirus
INTROCS009 Introduction to AVG® Antivirus
INTROCS010 Introduction to Networks, routers, firewalls, encryption
INTERCS010 Intermediate Networks, routers, firewalls, encryption

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